Welcome Fellow Artists!

My dear fellow pencil, ink and digital artists! 

This is my first ever Gumroad post! :) I wanted to share a few thoughts with you. And I promise I won't send you many of these messages. 

It makes me really happy that so many people are interested in the things I love to make. I started Gumroad just three weeks ago and over 60 people joined already. That's awesome! Thank you!

If you are one of the curious artists who got the free Blank Frames pack and are wondering: "But what should I draw?" Maybe you just need some inspiration! I have already more things in my store that might interest you. For example, two sketchbooks filled with hundreds and even thousands of thumbnails. Landscapes, trees, forests and plants, houses and villages, and many abstract shapes and graphical form experiments. If you are more interested in in-depth lessons. I got you covered. There are two courses (German with English subtitles) in my store. Both with hours of video content where I explain my workflow and thought process. Go check them out! 

And let me assure you, this is just the beginning. I am planning on many more things that digital artists and art enthusiasts simply need and crave to have in their workflow that make life easier. Stay tuned. 

Last but not least a thought about "Why did I start this?". I want to be as honest and transparent as possible. The first reason is simply to be financially independent of commercial client work. I love my job and really enjoy working with the client base that I accomplished over the past years. But I also always wanted to provide products directly to customers like you that I created entirely on my own. This brings me to the second important reason: I think about workflow, quality of assets/tools and of course design a lot and constantly want to improve on those things. I tried selling prints or artworks in the past. But my stuff is just not interesting enough for people to hang on their walls. Haha.. But what I think I can provide are helpful assets (like the free Blank Frames pack, more to come...) and tutorials, courses and general insight into my workflow that help you be inspired, be faster, more efficient, or generally have a good time creating your own art. 

If you are not interested in that kind of deep dive and just want the free stuff, that's fine too. I will always try to include low-cost assets (below 5€) and even more free goodies. :) 

Oh one super last thing: it would help me a ton if you could please rate my products! It pushes the algorithm and helps others to assess the value! Thanks :)))

That's all for now.

Thank you for your support and time! Have a great day!


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